E-Liquid Review: Vapor Bank’s Big Tobacco Cool Menthol

On Vape Back! with Ava Zinn, there is a category called the “E-Liquids Made in Indiana.” This E-liquid Made in Indiana is made from Evansville-based Vapor Bank, where the e-liquids of Lux, Big Tobacco, Ninjan E-liquid, and many others are made.

In order for a Made in Indiana E-liquid to be featured on Vape Back! with Ava Zinn, in addition to being an e-liquid or e-juice as Indiana compliant (which are always reviewed by Ava Zinn, yours truly, pending approval) the following criteria and threshold must be met:

  • Manufactured and bottled anywhere in Indiana’s 92 counties and;
  • Have headquarters in the State of Indiana (examples are Pop Weaver and Red Gold)

Some e-juices are manufactured and bottled in the State of Indiana but Indy E-Cigs’ House Blend and Vapor Bank’s Big Tobacco are in fact fall in the Made in Indiana E-liquid category. Even though Liqua and MoonMountain have bottling plants in the State of Indiana and manufactured in Indiana, the headquarters of MoonMountain is in Tampa, Florida and US headquarters of Liqua is in Kansas City and respectively, ineligible as a Made in Indiana E-liquid.

Ava Zinn tests Big Tobacco Cool Menthol (previously used in a E-liquid Fusion Challenge with Ninja Snozzberries) and according to Evansville-based Vapor Bank, it’s everyone’s favorite menthol and claims to be Slightly sweet with a fresh, spearminty flavor. BT Cool Menthol did pass Ava’s test (after watching the natural testosterone blocker of spearmint oil, Ava herself tasted the spearmint oil) and since Ava Zinn is a transgender woman (it may be an advantage as Testosterone blocker vape and an edge since Ava’s also a vegetarian as chickpeas and tofu do boost estrogen levels).