21st Century Smoke Review

Ava tests out 21st Century Smoke Starter Kit.

I recently purchased the 21st Century Smoke Electronic cigarette Starter kit with a 3-cartrige pack from McClure #12 on May 4, 2017 (The two month anniversary of when I began vaping). To be quite honest I’ve purchased this particular e-cigarette in the past when they had the wall charger included and thank God I kept the wall charger since the very first purchase in 2012.

Did 21st Century Smoke satisfy the nicotine cravings and was it worth the price?

DIRECT LINK: https://www.21stcenturysmoke.com/e-cig/electronic-cigarette-starter-kit-menthol-1-6-nicotine/?

Price from 21stCentury Smoke: $8.99 + $5 shipping = $13.99
McClure Oil #12 in Marion, IN (added 3 cartridges): $15.98 (for 4 cartridges) + 7% Indiana Sales Tax ($1.12) = $17.10